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Chaos Poem - Muni Raised Me - Charles


This Chaos Poem contains the Muni memories and dreams of public belonging of Charles.

It was composed by Jason Wyman at the Closing Reception for Muni Raised Me, curated by Meymey Lee, Sasha Vu, and Celi Tamayo-Lee at SOMArts Cultural Center on April 7, 2023. 

The background image is a digitally manipulated photo of the Potrero Muni Yard on Bryant and 17th Streets in San Francisco. 

This 8" by 10" fine art matte Giclée is made to order and will be available only until May 7, 2023, ensuring there is a limited number in production. Prints ordered will be added to the Queerly Complex Limited Goods Catalog, which authenticates it comes from Queerly Complex Lead artist Jason Wyman. You will get a confirmation email from Jason with a link to the online catalog proving your prints authenticity and number in production. 

Chaos Poetry is created by Jason Wyman. To learn more, please read the FAQ below. 

If you would like to book a Virtual Chaos Poetry experience, please CLICK HERE.

Some Things To Know

What Happens During a LIVE Chaos Poetry Session?

When you book a LIVE Chaos Poetry Session with Mystic Wyman, you will get an email and a calendar invitation that contains a Zoom link, which is your entry into the Land of Chaos with Jason. On your assigned date and time, upon clicking the Zoom link, you will be transported into perpetual twilight with the Pacific Ocean gently lapping upon the back of Mystic Wyman, who will warmly greet you. 

Then, you will be asked to choose a Path for your Chaos Poem. You can pick from: LOVE, BEAUTY, DEATH, GRIEF, RAGE, JOY, PLEASURE, POWER, DESIRE, MONEY, or Any Pair. Mystic Wyman will ask you a series of questions that help draw out your inner wisdom and personal revelations. The more candidly you respond, the stronger the material is from which to conjure your Chaos Poem.

Next, Mystic Wyman will take a moment to consult the Cosmic Mysteries. They will guide Jason towards a truth that must be revealed. This truth will come in the form of a poem composed from wisdom and revelations shared by YOU and the Cosmic Mysteries.

You will then receive a private performance of the poem by Mystic Wyman. An option to purchase a 5.5" by 4.25" limited edition cyanotype print of your personal Chaos Poem will be offered, which you can accept or decline. Tips are generously accepted, and a link to payment platform will be shared. 

After the Session is over, you will receive an email that contains a digital copy of your personal Chaos Poem, which you can use for your own purposes and endeavors.

No edits to the poem can be offered or made. All questions about the making will go unanswered.

How Did LIVE Chaos Poetry Form?

LIVE Chaos Poetry is a form of participatory poetic magic created by Queer Mystic Jason Wyman almost a decade ago.

Initially, it started as a performance installation in 2014 with musician Anne Carol Mitchell at The News, Fresh Queer Performance produced by Kolmel withLove at SOMArts Cultural Center (see the last video in the carousel for the performance.) As people arrived, Mystic Wyman invited audience members to join them at a circular table and to pull a card from the Tao Oracle, based upon the I Ching. Jason asked the audience member questions about what they saw in the card, why they sat at the table, and what they were seeking. While the other performers were on stage, Mystic Wyman crafted the interviews into poems. They then performed those poems in the round with Anne Carol Mitchell improvising a melody by looping her electric guitar.

That night, Mystic Wyman fatefully met performance artist Midori, and an art friendship immediately ignited. Midori asked Jason to perform a variation of their SOMArts performance for the Seduction, the Opening Night Reception for the Floating World exhibition at the Asian Art Museum in 2015. Midori requested that Jason interview people about their sexual desires and transform the interviews into haikus. Jason accepted the invitation and working the Andrea Fuenzalida and Vanessa Varko interviewed over 20 people over 4 hours. 

Since then, Mystic Wyman has been honing their craft in blending inquiry, deep listening, magic, and poetry to create a form that reveals deep personal truths. After reading more about chaos magic by Phil Hine and Peter Carroll, Jason realized their craft was also part of a long line of Queer Mystics, and named the form Chaos Poetry. 

The LIVE has been added for additional dramatic flair. LIVE Chaos Poetry just sounds a wee bit better.       

How Can I Book LIVE Chaos Poetry to My Party, Corporate Event, or Festival?

LIVE Chaos Poetry makes for a unique and personal experience at any party, corporate event, or festival. There are a range of set-ups from a simple Sandwich Board & Soapbox to a full on production with live musical accompaniment. Mystic Wyman works with event producers to tailor the Path for the Chaos Poem to fit the theme or occasion. 

Variations of LIVE Chaos Poetry have been installed at the Asian Art Museum, Haight Street Fair, CounterPULSE, SOMArts Cultural Center, Artist Television Access, and various pop-ups and parties.      

To BOOK LIVE Chaos Poetry, you must first BOOK a LIVE Chaos Poetry Session for $19.99 to demonstrate your commitment to the participatory nature of this poetic magic. We will chat about what you are looking for and determine if and how LIVE Chaos Poetry can best support your vision, event, or idea.  

Cancellation Policy

Queerly Complex understands that life happens, things come up, and there can be unexpected emergencies. We also know that people change their mind on what kinds of support they need, want, and desire. We seek to be flexible and understanding while also firm in our value.

To that end, here is our cancellation policy for any and all services.

If you cancel up to 48 hours before your appointment, there are no cancellation fees and no obligation to continue any services. 

If you cancel between 48 hours and 24 hours before your appointment, arrangements can be made to reschedule at a time that is convenient to both you and Jason. If you choose not to reschedule, you owe half the fee. Intake & Chaos Poetry Sessions are paid in advance, so a refund of half will be given. Dreaming & Creative Coaching Sessions are paid after the session. You will owe half the amount. If you cancel the Rescheduled Session at any time, payment is due for the full Session.  

If you cancel with 24 hours or less before your appointment, you owe the entire fee. Intake Sessions & Chaos Poetry Sessions are paid in advance, so no refund will be given. Dreaming and Creative Coaching Sessions are paid after the session. You will owe the full amount. If you would like to reschedule the session, another Session fee will be assessed. 


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