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Queerly Complex services start with a 15 minute chat...

...about what you value, what you are seeking, and what we can possibly co-create together.

I listen deeply to what you share both with your voice & underneath what is said. Then, I share back what I witness. This process often reveals truths hidden in plain sight & offers ways we might continue working together. Or not. Regardless, clients always leave with a queer perspective of their situation, issue, problem, or question and leave feeling heard, seen, and valued.

Photo from Be Jason at Black & White Projects, 2018, by Joseph Smooke.
QC Services
Illustration of Crystal Mason, a queer Black artist, by Jason Wyman. Crystal is smiling widely and looking up. They look joyous and vibrant. The illustration style looks like melted crayon.

Thanks for your patience & expertise.

What a wonderful, affirming experience working with you to co-found Queering Dreams & co-design

Crystal Mason, Arts Consultant & Co-Founder, Queering Dreams

Illustration by Queerly Complex

Bacl & White Photo by Joseph Smooke of Jason getting ready for the Opening Reception of Be Jason in 2018. Their are naked from the waist up with a bald head and clean shaven face. They are putting on lip liner and staring intently into the camera.

"I'm struggling with art. Please help."

I can help, but first we need to chat.

Book a $15 15-minute Intake Call to see if we're a match. I offer affordable creative & personal development packages to low-income artists that help them struggle a bit less.

Izza Anwar, a young Pakistani-American woman wearing a black hijab, multicolored face mask, and a lavendar and salmon jacket set against a backdrop of spraypainted, stenciled blue butterflies looking directly into the camera.

If imposter syndrome is the poison, Queerly Complex is the antidote.

Queerly Complex makes people believe in themselves in ways that they don't think is possible. They don't just talk, they show through actions & advocacy.

When I collaborated with them, it was the first time that someone paid me for what I was offering. Something I was not expecting because getting paid for my work as a young woman of color was such a foreign concept, especially in the creative industry.

Izza Anwar, Designer & Artist

Photos from Izza Anwar

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Black & White Photo by Joseph Smooke. The merch table from the Be Jason installation in 2018 featuring A Visual Catalogue, zines, two self published books, a coffee mug, t-shirts, a tote, and lipstick.

"I want to make a professional leap. Please help."

I can help, but first we need to chat.

Book a $30 15-minute Intake Call to see if we're a match. I offer professional design, brand, & copywriting support that centers your values.

A vector illustration of Midori, a Japanese American, queer artist, looking directly into the camera and smizing with turquoise hair from a commission by Midori for her Patreon subscribers.

Queerly Complex really, truly, listens.

Queerly Complex takes my ambitious but imprecise ideas and give it practical & executionalbe plans while honoring my dreams & celebrating my visions.

That’s some fine balance between practicality, compassion, & creativity.

Midori, International Artist

Illustration by Queerly Complex

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Black & White Selfie of Jason with a group of Black, Latinx, and Chinese students from California College and professor Shalini Agrawal of the Arts as part of the Designing Belonging Project Wyman facilitated by CCA and RYSE Youth Center.

"I want to give back & I want some help."

I can help, but first we need to chat.

Book a $100 15-minute Intake Call to see if we're a match. We'll chat about mutual aid, anti-capitalism, & oppressive systems. Plus, $50 of your fee will be donated to Queering Dreams to support a stipend, so others in need can attend workshops.


Queerly Complex Specialized Services

Queerly Complex offers specialized services that help artists, educators, organizers, entrepreneurs, and directors better express their complex feels & radical beliefs using iterative design.

I offer Graphic Design, Event Production, Intergenerational Program Development, & more.

What matters most is: Are we a match?


We witnessed the entire project transform in scope & possibility thanks to their guidance.

"Collaborating with Jason on a long-term project for a favorite client was really life-changing from day one. We witnessed the entire project transform in scope and possibility thanks to their guidance, and the insight, radical perspective, and depth of experience they brought to the table has fundamentally shifted my approach to my own work in the arts and the way I talk and think about mutuality, collaboration, community creation, and shared space. I feel lucky to have met them when I did."

Jericha Senyak, Finance Coach & Dandelion Arts Finance Program