WTF Is a Queerdo & Comrade?

When we say Queerdos, we mean: 

  • people who by gender, sexuality, politics, or otherness have been labeled Outlaws, Heretics, and Criminals as defined, constructed, and enforced by Man, Religion, Society, and The State, 
  • people who are weird, awkward, shy, too much, sad, anxious, freaky, quirky, kinky, blasphemous, and all of the adjectives that denote being different from the majority, 
  • people who redefine kin and co-create families of choice that celebrate and affirm all fellow Queerdos, 
  • people who create ways to connect, convene, gather, and showcase the talents, skills, voices, perspectives, and bodies of Queerdo artists / performers / poets / filmmakers / etc., and   
  • people whose ancestries and lineages create a web of liberation from the tyranny of shame, oppression, and domination and from which our collective strength grows. 

These definitions of Queerdos comes from Queer Love 2023.

When we say Comrade we mean: 

Those who stand alongside Queerdos and are co-creating pathways towards liberation free from shame, punishment, domination, and oppression. 

The world is a much better place when we are free to be our full, gloriously, queer selves.