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Hey! I'm Jason,
aka Queerly Complex.
I explore the art of relating to one's self, each other, and the Cosmic Mysteries. 

Illustration of Jason Wyman / Queerly Complex

I do this through...

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Creative Coaching

Emergent strategies to help artists, organizers, entrepreneurs, and educators get unstuck & organized.

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Tree of Change

Cultural strategy consulting for people's movements & arts organizations with Crystal Mason.

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Queerly Complex Cosmos

Charting the cosmology of my values, dreams, tactics, art projects, & more over 25+ years.

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The QC,
a Journal

An intimate peek into my process, including maps, diary entries, sketches, & experiments delivered to your inbox. 

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Who is Jason Wyman &
What is Queerly Complex?

I am still learning who I am and what Queerly Complex fully means. But here's a bit more about the significance of both of my names.

What is the "art of relating"?

"The art of relating to one's self, each other, and the Cosmic Mysteries" is how I understand and make meaning out of the chaos of existence in this great big cosmos. It includes cultivating a practice of dreaming to aid in understanding my own ever-changing position within all of space-time. Through this practice, I can better understand the ways I move, have moved, and want to move in the here and now so I carry into all that is possible that which I want, need, and desire from all that came before. This, too, helps me unforget my ancestors and name my descendants (both human and more than human). In other words, "the art of relating" is how I live, love, and create.

How do I work with you?

I am currently closed for new Creative Coaching clients. To get announcements about when spots become available, please sign up for my newsletter. If you want to know more about my large-scale organizational change management and culture tending services, please visit for more informaiton.

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