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Hey! I'm Jason,
aka Queerly Complex.
I provide Creative Coaching to artists, organizers, & entreprenuers that helps them get
unstuck & gain
clarity . 

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What is Creative Coaching?

I know how to listen, ask questions, and bear witness. These skills are at the core of Creative Coaching, and I've been practicing them for 20 years through site-specific performance interventions, peer-based learning circles and mentoring programs, community-engaged art projects, and anti-racist, intergenerational cultural development. As a result, I have access to a wealth of knowledge, tactics, and comrades that I share with my Creative Coaching clients.  I work with artists, organizers, entrepreneurs, educators, and leaders to better understand who they are, who they've been, and who they want to be in an effort to reveal pathways and actions that will aid them in getting unstuck, becoming organized, and gaining clarity. Along the way, I help clients co-create production plans, budgets, art catalogs, mission statements, value propositions, theories of change, or a myriad other tools, products, or processes that move them closer to how they want their work, creations, or art produced. Creative Coaching emerges from the unique dialogue between us and a blending of our personal ways of being and making-meaning of this queerly complex cosmos.

How does it start?

Creative Coaching starts with a paid 20-minute Intake Call to assess if we are a match. I will ask some questions about what sparked booking a session, what you may be seeking, and what you value. I will share a bit about my approach, pricing, and values. By the end of the call, we will know whether Queerly Complex Creative Coaching is a match for your current situation or project. And with a deep connections to a wide range of consultants, business partners, and independent artists, even if we are not a match you will leave the Intake Call with leads on how to move from where you are to where you want to be.

How do I book an Intake Call?

Sign up for The QC, the Queerly Complex newsletter, to receive announcements about booking an Intake Call. Currently, my client list is full. I will be opening up a window to book a limited number of Intake Calls in Summer / Fall 2024. So sign up TODAY to get The QC in your inbox and stay in the know about everything Queerly Complex.


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Anne Carol Mitchel

(aka BrightDarkDawn) 

Musician & Artist

"The amount of care, skills, & expertise that Jason brings to creative coaching is difficult to quantify. They are someone who nurtures and supports holistically—from an artistic, spiritual, & healing perspective. They have a remarkable ability to witness & guide without judgment & truly want the best & highest good for their clients."

Wendy Martinez Morroquin

AllThrive Education

"Jason really, truly, listens. They listen close for the details & parameters of the projects I create. They  understand the complexity of my personhood & how that affects the project. They can see the big or broader implications & potentials that I’d not thought about. From there comes a fabulous flow of great ideas & plans."


Artist, Performer, Sexologist, Educator

"Jason is a gifted art advisor & an attentive listener with a unique ability to help you to effectively organize your thoughts. Sessions with Jason were something completely different - dreaming sessions that helped me to uncover some entirely new paths, & conversations that profoundly moved some creative blocks."

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