WTF Is Queerly Complex?

Queerly Complex is a creative enterprise by Lead Artist Jason Wyman and Queer Retailer John O'Reilly that helps Queerdos and our comrades find their place in the cosmos, explore their complex feels, and express their radical beliefs.

It started in 2007 as a blog where Jason published posts that helped them document and chart their course through time and space. In 2021, Wyman and O'Reilly officially launched to create a platform for Jason's visual work. Since then, it has quickly grown into a whole cosmos of events, services, initiatives, collaborations, media, merchandise, and limited-run goods that bring together Queerdos and our comrades to co-create pathways towards our collective liberation from shame, punishment, domination, and oppression. 

Queerly Complex is broken into four main sections:

  • Hire Us! Learn more about Creative Coaching, Chaos Poetry, and Tree of Change with Crystal Mason.
  • Collaborations. We specialize in peer-based, distributive network creation, and provide in-kind services for the Immigrant Artist Network & Queer Art School
  • Support QC. Shop our merch & support QC in providing in-kind services
  • Blog & Events, our public-facing inquiries, explorations, celebrations, and gatherings that bring together our ideas, our values, and Queerdos and our comrades, and  

WTF Is Queerly Complex Creative Coaching?

Queerly Complex Creative Coaching specializes in helping Queerdos and our comrades explore your complex feels so you can more creatively express your radical beliefs in ways that better reflect who you be.

We know how to listen deeply for what’s said and left unsaid, ask just the right questions that reveal insights hidden in plain sight, and offer solutions that artfully move you towards your visions and dreams. 

Our Creative Coaching starts with a 20 minute Intake Call to assess your needs, wants, and desires. By the end of the call, we will know whether Queerly Complex Creative Coaching is a match for your current situation or project. With deep connections to a wide range of consultants, business partners, and independent artists, even if we are not a match you will leave the Intake Call with leads on how to move from where you are to where you want to be.   

If we are a match, the next step on our journey will be a 60-75 minute Dreaming Session. During this Dreaming Session, we will discover a central line of inquiry or a seed for dreaming. Then, Wyman will walk you into a dream space, which you will be in for 10 minutes. You will then be invited to document your dream, thoughts, connections, or lines of inquiry. Wyman will then ask a series of questions about your experience. This process always reveals creative prompts or actions that will help you take steps towards your dreams and desires in a manner aligned with your identities, cultures, and values.  

Queerly Complex Creative Coaching is built upon two and a half decades of providing high quality, easy going, and adaptive creative consulting services to artists, musicians, filmmakers, journalists, dancers,  gallerists, designers, educators, counselors, social workers, organizational leaders, activists, movement organizers, and entrepreneurs by queer, anti-binary San Francisco artist, educator, and facilitator Jason Wyman. Wyman uses an intuitive, emergent approach that offers concrete & creative tactics that move clients from dreams to actions to realities.

All our clients gain a queer perspective of their situation, issue, problem, or question and leave feeling heard, seen, and valued. 

Some results of Creative Coaching services include:


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WTF Is The QC & Queerly Complex Events?

On August 28, 2007, shortly after Jason married John, Jason got the courage to launch a blog called Queerly Complex on Blogger. They shared deeply intimate portraits, from “Piss Trigger” to “The Fight with the Knife,” of their weird, queer life. It was radical candor through artistic expression, and it was a call for them to figure out who they were, where they fit into the world, and who were their comrades.  

The QC, a blog, continues this tradition by offering insight into the messy, chaotic, wondrous world of Jason Wyman & their fellow Queerdos through articles, illustrations, poetry, Queerspells, and so much more.

It is a platform to reveal their hidden vulnerabilities, share tactics that help them find their way, and celebrate the camaraderie and solidarity of Queer Love. Along the journey, Wyman will chat with fellow Queerdos and comrades, invite guest artists and writers to share their art, work, and stories, and may even publish a collection of select posts in print. The QC, a blog, is a free offering to all who seek some clarity, want to dream, and are working towards our collective liberation from shame, punishment, domination, and oppression. 

Queerly Complex Events bring Queerdos and our comrades together in mutual care, support, and aid to cultivate camaraderie & solidarity through art, media, and storytelling. 


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How does Queerly Complex give back?

With over 25 years in the business of nonprofits, Wyman has come to deeply mistrust the ways in which charity is conceived, financed, and administered, so Queerly Complex does not practice charity.

Instead, we co-create mutuality.

For Queerly Complex, this means dedicating a significant portion of our time & resources to cultivating a culture that celebrates, practices, and propagates the creation of horizontal, distributive networks of care, aid, and support for queer, trans, immigrant, Black, Indigenous, disabled, and poor artists. In our 20 plus years of creating these kinds of networks in the fields of youth media, youth development, and education reform, we know that this work is so often un- or under-funded and that the labor of writing and getting grants takes away from the labor needed to sustain and propagate horizontal, distributive networks. 

That’s why Queerly Complex is committed to:

  • continuing to provide in-kind administrative support to Queer Love 2023, the Immigrant Artist Network, and Queer Art School throughout 2023, 
  • co-creating and publishing free, culturally-relevant and -specific tools, models, and tactics that make learning about, co-creating, and propagating distributive, horizontal networks easy, fun, and inspiring,
  • co-producing free events that convene Queerdos and comrades as a means to connect and potentially co-create across borders, territories, practices, traditions, cultures, identities, abilities, and beliefs, and
  • providing up to 20 hours of in-kind Creative Coaching to poor or low-income, youth or elder Queerdo artists.

Hiring Queerly Complex services and shopping at our store allows us to continue co-creating pathways towards liberation through the propagation of horizontal, distributive networks without worry of where financing for these networks comes from.

The world is a much better place when we are free to be our full, gloriously, queer selves.