A photo of hand written notes on a black page with white ink outlined in QC Pink. Next to the photo is "Some 2022 Goals, underline, created at ArtBiz by Nadïne LaFond, supported by Queering Dreams," in handlettered print.

I met Nadïne LaFond through an International Teaching Artist Collaborative meeting in Fall of 2021. We were thrown into a Zoom room together to solve the crises of the world, and we both kinda chuckled. No one knew one another, and somehow in 15 minutes we were gonna go deep solving the unfolding crises of climate change, labor, nationalism. Instead, we asked, "Should we get to know each other first?"

And over September, October, and November, we got to know each other really well through co-creating the Reclaiming Stories, Dismantling Narratives workshop, which was produced by Queering Dreams (my other business.) It was a fabulous experience, and we wanted to find ways to keep co-creating together.

Yesterday, January 15, 2022, Nadïne launched ArtBiz, a new personal, creative, and professional development monthly workshops series & cohort. She asked me to support her with community-building pedagogy developed by Queering Dreams. So I got to join her and help hold space & time. In the process, I also got to articulate some of my own 2022 Goals.
I want to share some of them with y'all 'cause Queerly Complex, this fabulous shop & world I'm co creating with my husband & all y'all, is a major part of my 2022 Goals.
PLUS! Maybe you're an artist & desire some regular community dedicated to holding ourselves (and each other) accountable to that which we want in this work? For me, that includes abolishing capitalism by cultivating mutual aid & care & support.

Some 2022 Goals

  • Continued good eating
  • Continued good sex with my husband, which means a good & healthy relationship
  • Continued good company
  • Continued co-creative space
  • Continued QUEERSPELL casting
  • Building & establishing Queerly Complex as a brand for the weird, odd, and different, for those who feel left out & alone, for those who need to laugh while also bawling, for those of whom a black t-shirt is their shield
  • Organically & emergently growing, deepening, and developing the Queering Dreams community of communities with Crystal Mason, Rupy C. Tut, and all our fabulous Co-Creators, which includes deeply listening & being in tune with others
  • Attend with a combination merchandise at least FIVE POP-UPS this year that continue to establish myself as a queer, weird, anti-binary artist who talks frankly & with candor about capitalism, White Supremacy, cisheteropatriarchy, colonialism, ableism, ageism, and all oppressive systems.
  • Go on podcasts, vlogs, etc. to talk about dreaming, co-creation, queer cosmologies / QUEERSPELLS / Grimemoiries, how mental health is crucial to my work & how that includes / necessitates an understanding of where I am in the world / cosmos through a deep understanding & analysis of power & oppressive systems, and the power of asking for what we need / want / desire and supporting others in meeting what they need / want / desire.

One question Nadïne asked after we shared our goals,(and I am paraphrasing here) was: What do your goals tell you about what you value & who you want to be?

I want to be in relation with comrades like Nadïne & Crystal & Rupy & anyone desiring / yearning / wanting / needing space & time outside the confines of oppressive systems. It seems the only way to actually live among all this chaos.

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