Queerly Complex:

Installation Art by Jason Wyman: soft defiance


Title: It's Queer Pride 2019. The before times. When all through rose-colored nostalgia seemed golden. When we were free and dancing in the streets defiantly confronting police demanding our bodies move back. With snipers on rooftops overlooking. And I, too, too sad from too much damn darkness transformed into Sad Clown. And danced anyway. And when the evening ended, I tried to wash it all away.

Details: Image from 2019. Silk Print 2023.

Dimensions:  24" by 42"

Materials: crystal voile cotton silk, stainless steel towel bar, bath sponge, bath towel, plastic bottle, tape

Show: soft defiance at Harvey Milk Center for the Arts, June 17 to July 15, 2023. soft defiance is a collaboratively-curated visual arts exhibition led by Harvey Milk Center for the Arts and Photo Center (HMCA), queer arts organization Diamond Wave, and LGBTQIA+ mental health service provider Queer LifeSpace (QLS).

Photo: Installation View by Vin Seaman

Rights: The image is wholly owned by Jason Wyman / Queerly Complex. The purchase of this installation art does not infer ownership of the image by the purchaser. The purchase only pertains to this specific installation and arrangement of object. Purchase of this work also comes with professional installation, if requested. 


Size Guide: Inches
17 ½
20 ½
Product & Care Info

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