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Queer Love Pride Edition

Just Sayin'


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QUEER LOVE ♥︎ now with a splash of color celebrating all our messiness, tackiness, and queerness. Stand up & stand out with our sturdy & bold tote. Everyone deserves Queer Love, including you! 


These sturdy, stylish, and spacious (15"x15") totes are the perfect beach or errand-running accessory. With handles that fit nicely over your shoulder, it's a breeze to carry your records, groceries, or  beach towel all around town. Just make sure to keep it under 40lbs (20kg)!

Plus, the high quality print on a rich black fabric makes all colors pop!

Machine wash cold. Do not bleach. Do not tumble dry. Do not dry clean.


Some More Queer Love

What makes Queer Love possible is what Queer Love makes possible. This is the mantra embraced by artists Crystal Mason & me as we made an interactive zine for a love themed art exhibition at Ingleside Gallery in San Francisco, CA, around Valentine's Day 2022.

I also compiled a short zine of quotes that define queer / love. It includes a link to a growing bibliography of things I've read, watched, listened to, or experienced to find references from folx that have deepened my understanding of Queer / Love.

Finally, check out my Everyday Portraits of Queer & Trans Icons. These are my neighbors who so lovingly shared their selfies & stories with me through a series of workshops & interviews conducted in collaboration with Street Sheets and the Hormel LGBT Center at the San Francisco Public Library.

The Queer Love logo is designed by Queerly Complex.