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Queer Love Pride Edition

Just Sayin'


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QUEER LOVE ♥︎ now with a splash of color celebrating all our messiness, tackiness, and queerness. Stand up & stand out in our comfortably bold onesie. Everyone deserves Queer Love, including your baby! 


This 100% ring-spun cotton onesie with three snap leg closure, a comfortable envelope neckline, and a Queerly Complex design means your baby will be fashionable and bold.

Size Guide: Inches or Weight

  3-6M 6-12M 12-18M 18-24M
W 9 3/8 9 7/8 10 3/8 10 7/8
L 20-25 25-28 28-30 30-32


12-16 16-22 22-27 27-30


Some More Queer Love

What makes Queer Love possible is what Queer Love makes possible. This is the mantra embraced by artists Crystal Mason & me as we made an interactive zine for a love themed art exhibition at Ingleside Gallery in San Francisco, CA, around Valentine's Day 2022.

I also compiled a short zine of quotes that define queer / love. It includes a link to a growing bibliography of things I've read, watched, listened to, or experienced to find references from folx that have deepened my understanding of Queer / Love.

Finally, check out my Everyday Portraits of Queer & Trans Icons. These are my neighbors who so lovingly shared their selfies & stories with me through a series of workshops & interviews conducted in collaboration with Street Sheets and the Hormel LGBT Center at the San Francisco Public Library.

The Queer Love logo is designed by Queerly Complex.