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Are you looking for a trusted creative to hold your hand in making aesthetic decisions about your small business?

Does the word “brand” make you cringe?

Don’t know how to tackle making a leap to “professional artist”?

Do you need some eye catching merchandise for your upcoming event?    

Let me offer some professional help.

I take complex ideas and turn them into simple, clearly communicated tasks, and I do it all with a flair. I can help you transform your art practice into a catalog, illustrate & design merchandise for your show, reimagine your resume or CV so it communicates the fullness of your being, and even tackle that dreaded word "brand".  


Book a $30 15-minute Intake Call to see if we're a match.


During our Intake Call, we will talk about what you value & I will share my values. This process of Values Alignment will help us discern whether we're a match. Or not.

If so, the next step is a 50-minute Dreaming Session for $150 to discover the best pathways forward before beginning any long-term engagement. This Session offers a chance to collect your thoughts, listen to your self, and discern what's best for you. My ongoing support works best when you have more clarity on the path you want to take & how I can help you walk it. And I can help you find that clarity.



Get a discount code to the Queerly Complex Shop when you BOOK AN INTAKE CALL.


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Photo from Be Jason at Black & White Projects, 2018, by Joseph Smooke.