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Finally feeling successful as an artist or entrepreneur & want to start giving back?

Passionate about an issue but unsure how to make an impact?

Dissatisfied with your company’s commitment to DEIA & want to give back directly? 

Let me help you discern how you want to give.


Book a $100 15-minute Intake Call to see if we're a match.


During our Intake Call, we will talk about mutual aid, anti-capitalism, and oppressive systems. This conversation will help us discern whether we're a match. Or not. 

If so, the next step is a 50-minute Dreaming Session for $500 to discover the best pathways forward before beginning any long-term engagement. This Session offers a chance to collect your thoughts, listen to your self, and discern what's best for you. After sharing your dreams, I will share how your dreams can connect to efforts of mutuality by working with you to allocate $200 of your payment to neighbors, causes, or artists in direct financial need. My ongoing support works best when you have more clarity on the path you want to take & how I can help you walk it. And this process helps us both gain clarity on readiness to practice mutuality.

After our Dreaming Session & if values of mutuality and anti-capitalism remain aligned, I offer ways to structure your giving back in a manner aligned with abolishing capitalism & oppressive systems. This will include bringing on & paying additional Culturally-Specific Advisors, radically shifting how you consider decision-making regarding your financial investments, and working towards giving away significant amounts of money.



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Photo from Be Jason at Black & White Projects, 2018, by Joseph Smooke.