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Some Quotes That Define Queer / Love, Volume 1

Digital Zine

Digital Zine

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I've identified as queer in terms of sexuality and gender for over two decades. Fifteen years ago, I defined being queer as loving fearlessly & transforming radically. It's become my mantra, helping me both orient & dislocate myself in our chaotic cosmos. I love that definition so much, I even put it on a t-shirt.

Recently, I co-created "Queer Love by Crystal Mason & Jason Wyman," a zine which invites readers to explore what makes queer love possible & what queer love makes possible. It's got me digging deeper into Queer love.

Through all this deep inquiry, what I'm (re)discovering (again & again) is simply:

Queer is Love is Queer Love is Queer / Love.

Now, my inquiry has taken me into my growing bibliography of things I've read, watched, listened to, or experienced to find references from folx that have deepened my understanding of Queer / Love. This act of study helps me know I'm not alone & reminds me I am among comrades who also grapple with their place & being in this chaotic cosmos.

AND...I've compiled some select quotes from folx including James Baldwin, adrienne maree brown, Stevie Wilson, and more into a short zine. Each quote is paired with a short reflection & an inquiry that connects it to Queer / Love for me.

Please download your copy of Some Quotes That Define Queer / Love Quotes, Volume 1 today.

Printing note: This document is formatted for 11" by 17" (aka Tabloid or Ledger) printer paper. It is a double-sided zine. Folding and cutting marks are indicated on the inside page of the zine.

To learn how to fold a zine, check out Sako's Zine Making Tutorial from April 1, 2020. Sako was inspired to make zines thanks to a zine making workshop facilitated by Jason for the Art Speak Internship Program at the Asian Art Museum.