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The ADHD Guide to Me, Issue 1, Winter 2021-2022

Digital Zine

Digital Zine

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What is The ADHD Guide to Me?

This is a limited-run publication by me, Jason Wyman, a queer, anti-binary artist & clininically-diagnosed ADHD weirdo that brings together select art, writings, ramblings, ideas, diagrams, photos, & drawings, sometimes around a theme. It is published digitally for two months after its initial posting date. Some (not all) content is exclusive to the zine & cannot be found in any other publication (either physical or virtual.) The ADHD Guide to Me is a space for me to work out aesthetics, designs, philosophies, & praxis, while creating something that can be shared that also doesn’t fit neatly into a box. Or maybe is just too much. 

The ADHD Guide to Me is the sole work & copyright of Jason Wyman, 2021.

To learn more about me visit: