WTF Is the Queerly Complex Shop?

We Queerdos deserve to feel comfortable in our own skin no matter our gender, sexuality, body size, disability, place of birth, family, race, or class.

That’s an Herculean feat when we’re incessantly bombarded with shame and guilt for being too queer or weird or different by family members, neighbors, and the Monied Class. It can make feeling our complex feels and expressing our radical beliefs hella difficult. And yet we must still feel it all and we must still speak our truths for our collective survival depends on it.   

The Queerly Complex Shop offers a selection of Queer Comfortwear and Limited-Run Goods that makes expressing ourselves, navigating the chaos, and finding our comrades a bit easier and way more fun. With a penchant for boldness and exuberance, Queerly Complex designs provoke playfulness and evoke curiosity. 

And our Queerly Complex logo proudly displayed on all of our apparel, art, and merch means whenever and wherever you see it, you’re in the presence of Queerdos & comrades.

Queer Comfortwear is our armor as we go out into a world hostile towards Queerdos.

It’s soft to the touch, bold on the eye, and hangs just a wee bit loose, which means it fits perfectly. When you put it on, you feel more at ease with who you are and able to say what you want, need, or desire to say. Queerly Complex Queer Comfortwear will become your absolute favorite apparel any time you just want to be you.           

For John, Queer Comfortwear started as a black t-shirt, the one piece of apparel he’s worn every day for over three decades. It started with band tees, like Coil, Soft Cell, and Siouxsie and the Banshees. Wearing them helped him find his people in 80s and 90s LA, people he’s still dear friends with today. John learned the simple black t-shirt is more than just a tee. It’s a canvas upon which you can broadcast a message that helps you find fellow Queerdos and our comrades. 

Queer Comfortwear for Jason could be a dress, a hoodie, a pair of sweats or leggings, a cap, a blouse. It is any piece of apparel that can go from cooking in the kitchen to lounging in the park to dancing on the dancefloor and still feels like it belongs. Jason’s played with gender their whole adult life, so Queer Comfortwear is any item you adore because it adorns you in a way that helps you be who you want, need, and desire to be.

Limited-Run Goods Vs. Art

We are always creating at Queerly Complex. It’s how we have fun, chart our course through the chaos all around us, and discover the things we love, detest, and crave. Creation is liberation, and that is art. 

Every now and again, we stumble upon an idea, a mantra, an image, a method of making, an artform, a tool that seems especially relevant to the present moment. It begs us to be more than a thing we keep to ourselves. Instead, it demands to become a sketch, a limited edition print, a seasonal product, or some other good. These items are Queerly Complex Limited-Run Goods.   

Every Limited-Run Good is available for a limited amount of time with a limited quantity. These higher priced items financially support Queerly Complex in working towards our vision of a sprawling, distributive complex of spaces that contribute to the collective generation of Queer Love, Family, Art, & Culture. Purchase yours today, and know that you are helping cultivate sanctuary for Queerdos. 

We want to be clear: Queerly Complex Limited Run Goods are not our art. We believe art is the human drive to make meaning of this cosmos through numerous forms for cultural expression. As such, art can never be sold or purchased. 

The world is a much better place when we are free to be our full, gloriously, queer selves.