WTF Is Queerdos & Comrades

We take our definition of Queerdos from the Queer Love 2023 Manifesto. 

Queerdo are: 

  • people who by gender, sexuality, politics, or otherness have been labeled Outlaws, Heretics, and Criminals as defined, constructed, and enforced by Man, Religion, Society, and The State, 
  • people who are weird, awkward, shy, too much, sad, anxious, freaky, quirky, kinky, blasphemous, and all of the adjectives that denote being different from the majority, 
  • people who redefine kin and co-create families of choice that celebrate and affirm all fellow Queerdos, 
  • people who create ways to connect, convene, gather, and showcase the talents, skills, voices, perspectives, and bodies of Queerdo artists / performers / poets / filmmakers / etc., and   
  • people whose ancestries and lineages create a web of liberation from the tyranny of shame, oppression, and domination and from which our collective strength grows. 

Comrades are the people who stand alongside Queerdos and co-create pathways towards our collective liberation from shame, punishment, domination, and oppression.  

The world is a much better place when we are free to be our full, gloriously, queer selves.