WTF Is Queer Love 2023?

Queer Love 2023 is: 

  • a Manifesto declaring who we are, how we see the world, what we believe, the dreams we hold, and the commitments we make to promulgating Queer Love, 
  • a Calendar of Events that seek to uphold and further our Manifesto, 
  • a Service Directory of Businesses & Organizations who value mutual care & aid, 
  • and a Map of Venues committed to ensuring sanctuary for Queerdos. 

Queer Love 2023 is for anyone who:

  • Seeks camaraderie with other Queerdos
  • Produces gatherings (online or virtual) that bring together Queerdos to share, exchange, celebrate, or showcase all the things that make us Queerdos. (Examples include a Drag King performance showcase, a conversation about Queer Caregiving, a workshop about end-of-life planning for kinksters, a virtual gallery exhibition of trans artists from around the world, networking events for artists and cultural producers.)    
  • Provides artistic, creative, or professional services (e.g. coaching, photography, bookkeeping, marketing, fiscal sponsorship, grant writing, event production, etc.) to Queerdo artists (discounts for Queerdos strongly encouraged!)
  • Operates a venue that offers sanctuary to Queerdos and offers space rental for Queerdo artists and producers (discounts for Queerdos strongly encouraged!)  

Queer Love 2023 is a Work-In-Progress.

It was initially drafted by Jason Wyman, Crystal Mason, John O’Reilly, Trayvon Smith, Ash Tré Phillips, Jessie Sunday, Teddy Benjamin, and Midori. It comes with a Creative Commons 4.0 License, so anyone can use and remix it for any purpose, while giving credit to ALL of the people who initially drafted the first Work-in-Progress.

The world is a much better place when we are free to be our full, gloriously, queer selves.