WTF IS Art Vs. Limited Goods

We are always creating at Queerly Complex. It’s how we have fun, chart our course through the chaos all around us, and discover the things we love, detest, and crave. Creation is liberation, and that is art. 

Every now and again, we stumble upon an idea, a mantra, an image, a method of making, an artform, a tool that seems especially relevant to the present moment. It begs us to be more than a thing we keep to ourselves. Instead, it demands to become a sketch, a limited edition print, a seasonal product, or some other good. These items are Queerly Complex Limited-Run Goods.   

Every Limited-Run Good is available for a limited amount of time with a limited quantity. These higher priced items financially support Queerly Complex in working towards our vision of a sprawling, distributive complex of spaces that contribute to the collective generation of Queer Love, Family, Art, & Culture. Purchase yours today, and know that you are helping cultivate sanctuary for Queerdos. 

We want to be clear: Queerly Complex Limited Run Goods are not our art. We believe art is the human drive to make meaning of this cosmos through numerous forms for cultural expression. As such, art can never be sold or purchased. 

The world is a much better place when we are free to be our full, gloriously, queer selves.