What Happens During a LIVE Chaos Poetry Session?

When you book a LIVE Chaos Poetry Session with Mystic Wyman, you will get an email and a calendar invitation that contains a Zoom link, which is your entry into the Land of Chaos with Jason. On your assigned date and time, upon clicking the Zoom link, you will be transported into perpetual twilight with the Pacific Ocean gently lapping upon the back of Mystic Wyman, who will warmly greet you. 

Then, you will be asked to choose a Path for your Chaos Poem. You can pick from: LOVE, BEAUTY, DEATH, GRIEF, RAGE, JOY, PLEASURE, POWER, DESIRE, MONEY, or Any Pair. Mystic Wyman will ask you a series of questions that help draw out your inner wisdom and personal revelations. The more candidly you respond, the stronger the material is from which to conjure your Chaos Poem.

Next, Mystic Wyman will take a moment to consult the Cosmic Mysteries. They will guide Jason towards a truth that must be revealed. This truth will come in the form of a poem composed from wisdom and revelations shared by YOU and the Cosmic Mysteries.

You will then receive a private performance of the poem by Mystic Wyman. An option to purchase a 5.5" by 4.25" limited edition cyanotype print of your personal Chaos Poem will be offered, which you can accept or decline. Tips are generously accepted, and a link to payment platform will be shared. 

After the Session is over, you will receive an email that contains a digital copy of your personal Chaos Poem, which you can use for your own purposes and endeavors.

No edits to the poem can be offered or made. All questions about the making will go unanswered.

The world is a much better place when we are free to be our full, gloriously, queer selves.