Select Past Clients

Artist Coaching Services: 

  • Rupy C. Tut - Reimagining painting practice as installation.
  • Shruti Abhishek - Articulating cultural and personal practice.
  • Nava Dance Theatre - Visioning refinements to artist residencies.
  • New York Foundation for the Arts - Working with Rupy C. Tut, provided coaching to artists with NYFA's Immigrant Artist Program on how to present their work virtually and produced an Immigrant Artist Virtual Salon / Showcase on December 2, 2020 to provide opportunities for immigrant artists in building their CV and increasing their virtual presentation skills.

    Executive Coaching Services 

    • All Thrive Education - Supporting Founder in creative problem solving that embraces emergence, activates collective wisdom, and facilitates mutuality among comrades. 

        Visual Impact Consulting

        • Rupy C. Tut - Designed Rupy's Artist Catalogue focusing on her specific style, connection to cultural tradition, and use of color and pigment. 
        • Headprint House - Illustrated and designed a t-shirt and promotional pin pack inspired by my Political Clowns to promote their cultural space.
        • Crystal Mason - Illustrated and designed an eight-page zine to prepare audience members to enter Crystal's Dream Chamber.
        • Asian Art Museum - Worked with Celi Tamayo-Lee and Mary Claire Amable to consult their Education Department on the creation and installation of a 31' by 3.5' interactive sticker mural titled #StickyQuestions so that passersby of any age were able to contribute and see themselves reflected in large-scale public art. 
        • Alliance for Media Arts & Culture - Designed numerous reports, presentations, and two magazines that pulled aesthetics, content, and editorial support from a generationally, geographically, and culturally diverse group of artists, media makers, journalists, and educators. 

        Intergenerational Peer-based Praxis

        • Dandelion Arts Finance Training Program - With Crystal Mason, used our Tree of Change model to redirect a community research project on arts finance training for Independent Arts and Media towards participatory action research and developed and facilitated the cohort of Indigenous, Black, queer, trans, disabled, and immigrant artists in developing their own peer-based arts finance workshops.
        • Queer Rebels - Supported Momos Cheeskos in designing, producing, and facilitating an intergenerational Zoom-based performance and media residency for an intergenerational (6-50+) group of Indigenous, Black, and POC artists.  
        • Southern Exposure - Co-created a summer art residency for artists ages 11 to 20 with Maya Faith Chan, Natasha Loewy, and Simon Tran for Southern Exposures Mission Voices Program.
        • San Francisco Opera - Developed Virtual, Intergenerational Professional Development for Educators and Students. 
        • Alliance for Media Arts & Culture - Relaunched & Co-Directed their Youth Media Network using intergenerational co-creation with Myah Overstreet & Youth Media Fellows.
        • Asian Art Museum - Worked Art Speak Interns on community-based Participatory Art Projects, including #StickyQuestions by Celi Tamayo-Lee, Mary Claire Amable, and Jason Wyman
        • TILT and Frameline Film Festival - Consulted and then ran their Generations Filmmaking Program, which brought LGBTQIA youth and elders together in intergenerational filmmaking. 

        Change Management Consulting 

        • [] - With Crystal Mason, used our Tree of Change model to facilitate a process of reimagining the organization's vision, values, mission, and offerings to better reflect their current and future work.  
        • Appalshop - Designed the Big Bang Storytelling model to help facilitate a planning process that honored the long, deep 40-year commitment to youth and community media making in Eastern Kentucky and throughout Appalachia while also unpacking the generation and community harms caused by deep societal inequities within the region to imagine new pathways towards collective healing while furthering youth media making. 
        • National Association of Media Literacy - Worked with Celi Tamayo-Lee and Dr. Emily Bailin Wells to design, facilitate, and report on an intergenerational pre-conference to the NAMLE National Conference on our collective dreams and desires for the Media Literacy and Media Arts fields. 

        Additional Past Clients

        The world is a much better place when we are free to be our full, gloriously, queer selves.