The Art

Queerly Complex is a complex of Art, Services, and Merch created by my hands & from my mind over four decades of living, loving, & creating on this planet. I have learned, relearned, honed, & refined my craft & approach through rich & long-lasting relations with my deepest emotions & desires, my closest comrades including those who challenge & push me, the land upon which I live, and this queer, unfolding cosmos. Through it all, values have guided & continue to guide my way.

In living this Queerly Complex Life, one thing I have realized is that...

My Life Is My Art, which means My Art can never be purchased.

My Services & Merch most definitely can. 

By purchasing Queerly Complex Services & Merch, you are supporting my ability to live my Queerly Complex Life & thus continue creating My Art.

My Art materially, financially, emotionally, and spiritually supports a growing network of Black, brown, queer, immigrant, disabled, and poor artist-comrades across North America. 

And...starting April 2022, the Queerly Complex Shop will be partnering with a different artist each month to produce a line of limited edition tees! Don't forget to sign up for our Queerdo & Weirdo Email List (see below!)



Group selfie of a multiracial, intergenerational group from the 50 State Dinner Party Project, which was produced by Myah Overstreet & Queerly Complex at the teen center of the San Francisco Public Library.

Group Selfie from an intergenerational dinner at the San Francisco Public Library asking the question, "What are our desired futures?" 2016.