Queerly Complex Testimonials

"Jason’s infectious energy & kindest vibe drew me to them instantly. I knew this person is going to be a part of my life for a very long time, and working with Jason has been like my mind has a voice now. They listen deeply and reflect on my thoughts."

Shruti Abhishek, Bharatanatayam Dancer, Choreographer, and Educator

"Thank you so much. I feel so much better because my head was spinning. I had no space to think. The thoughtfulness that you just put into our conversation requires a different type of brain. Thank you for asking me accessible questions, for holding space, for seeing me."

Wendy Martinez Morroquin, All Thrive Education

"Jason really, truly, listens. They listen close for the details & parameters of the projects I create. They  understand the complexity of my personhood & how that affects the project. They can see the big or broader implications & potentials that I’d not thought about. From there comes a fabulous flow of great ideas & plans."

Midori, Artist, Performer, Sexologist, and Educator

"Jason is a gifted art advisor & an attentive listener with a unique ability to help you to effectively organize your thoughts. Sessions with Jason were something completely different - dreaming sessions that helped me to uncover some entirely new paths, & conversations that profoundly moved some creative blocks."

Anita Sulimanovic, Sculptor and Educator

The world is a much better place when we are free to be our full, gloriously, queer selves.