Queerly Complex Specialized Services

My focus is on cultivating belonging, joy, levity, & intimacy as we co-create across identities, generations, borders, traditions, cultures, & relations to discover connections, synchronicity, & dreams.

Queerly Complex offers specialized services that help artists, educators, organizers, entrepreneurs, and directors better express their complex feels and radical beliefs using iterative design. The results of my services include virtual Immigrant Artist Salon for the New York Foundation for the Arts, a national Youth Media Network & Fellowship program for the Alliance for Media Arts & Culture, a the culturally-specific, peer-based Dandelion Arts Finance Program for Independent Arts & Media, and numerous workshops, storytelling circles, feedback sessions, performance festivals, and site-specific installations.

My approach is to deeply listen to what my clients are saying and repeat back what I hear & understand, so that together we can (re)discover possibilities yet to be named. This process co-creates manageable, generative, and specific actions & projects that help us continue walking a path towards sustainability, generosity, grace, and fun all while we minimize shame, fear, and self doubt.

Best of all? I am connected to a vast network of Black, Indigenous, queer, trans, disabled, immigrant, and poor artists of all disciplines, from installation to painting to design to performance to music to video to yet-to-be-named. I can help pull together a diverse, specialized team & walk you through a collaborative approach to creative development that ensures all artists are equitably compensated. (See the artists featured on this site for testimonials of my approach & possible collaborators.)  

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Sample of Specialized Services

Intergenerational Co-Creation Praxis (Peer-based pedagogies focus)

I work with artists, organizers, facilitators, and educators to recontextualize their work & practice as a means to cultivate intergenerational co-creation. This looks like facilitating collaborative art projects, reviewing lesson plans & curriculum, small group coaching in peer-based pedagogies, and developing arts or organizing programs for organizations or businesses.

Current & Past Clients: People.Power.Media, Independent Arts & Media, Alliance for Media Arts & Culture, San Francisco Opera, RYSE Youth Center, Asian Art Museum, Generations Film-making Program for Frameline

Graphic Design & Layout

I work with activists, educators, artists, and entrepreneurs to create impactful graphics that catch eyes in both print and online and communicate complex beliefs and emotions in clear, easy-to-understand ways with an eye for accessibility and cross-cultural engagement. My design & layout work has taken the form of art catalogues, digital campaigns, large-scale installations, zines, toolkits, and didactics.

Check out a Select Portfolio of my work.

Digital Illustration & Hand-Lettering & Symbology

I work with movements, activist groups, small businesses, and community-centered organizations in creating eye-catching digitally illustrated portraits, hand-lettered posters & memes, and esoteric symbology that communicate the beauty, depth, and delight of their peoples, politics, and actions.

Samples: Do I Look Fine, Queer & Trans Icons Everyday Portraits, How to Cultivate Belonging in Virtual Space, Flash 2022, Words of Advice

Performance & Event Production

I work with festivals, movements, collectives, youth programs, senior centers, and DEIA departments / initiatives to co-create audience-centered experiences & evnets that feature diverse voices (sometimes including my own) in sharing stories of deep belonging, radical transformation, and liberation from punishment, shame, and conformity. This looks like keynote speeches at industry conferences, site-specific performance installations, storytelling circles, virtual festivales, & more.

Examples: Virtual & In-Person Youth Media Summits & Labs for Alliance Youth Media Network, Durational Performance titled  "Shadows of Violence; Echoes of Healing" at ATA, Erotic Mystic Poet Installation for Midori at the Asian Art Museum for the Opening Night party of Seduction: Japan's Floating World, "The Mystic" at The News at SOMArts Cultural Center, "Anti-Racist Praxis" Presentation for the San Francisco Opera

Mutual Aid Advising

I work with business leaders, entrepreneurs, and commercially successful artists to develop their practice of mutual aid, care, and support through shifting perspectives of who is considered worthy of funds and how funds should be dispersed with an eye towards supporting Indigenous, Black, queer, trans, disabled, immigrant, and poor neighbors & comrades near & far. When you engage me in this work, you will immediately start giving money away and make an impact in the lives of your neighbors.