Queerly Complex & Crystal Mason: Creative Consulting Services for Organizations & Artists

For over 50 years combined, Queerly Complex & Crystal Mason have been holding creative space for multiracial, gender- & sexuality-expansive, intergenerational, cross-territorial groups to ask deep questions of themselves, each other, and the world around them in a manner that cultivates intimacy, vulnerability, and belonging.

We offer a wide range of services from coaching to experience or education design to organizational development to off-the-shelf 2-hour workshops, and we work with clients to find the best match for their needs within their budget.

Our services meet these times because everything we offer is easily adapted to both in-person and/or virtual spaces. Our practice prioritizes caring for each other, which ensures that the service provided can adapt to emergent needs, wants, and desires. We tend to and hold space in a manner that helps distribute power and cultivates collective ownership. 

To learn more about what we have offered & what we can offer, we invite you to sign up for Crystal Mason & Queerly Complex / Jason Wyman Info Hour email list. 

At our Info Hour, we highlight three current projects and share specific tools we’ve created that cultivate intimacy, vulnerability, and belonging, specifically for and among Black, Indigenous, Latinx, Pacific Islander, MENASA, Asian, queer, trans, gender non-specific, disabled, immigrant, poor, rural, young, and old artists, organizers, educators, leaders, and small business owners

Past & current clients include San Francisco Opera, Independent Arts & Media, people.power.media, RYSE Youth Center, Virginia Museum of Fine Art, Asian Art Museum, Community Boards, and the Alliance for Media Arts & Culture.


San Francisco Opera - Customized Dreaming Session for SF Opera’s week-long training program for public school teachers and teaching artists. 

Community Boards - Off-the-Shelf Two-Hour Dreaming Session for current mediators.  

people.power.media - Organizational Change Model through a series of five dreaming sessions & co-creation of a guiding document.  

Independent Arts & Media - Community research report & peer-based praxis development & implementation for Dandelion Arts Finance Training

Crystal Mason & Queerly Complex Tree of Change

A large portion of our consulting services is helping organizations, small buisinesses, and artists manage change. We help organizations rearticulate their mission and values. We help small business better meet their customer's needs, wants, and desires. We help artists recontextualize their practice and discipline into new spaces and forms.

We created our Tree of Change to help us articulate and map all of the necessary components to cultivating the change necessary to meet these changing (and constantly emerging) times.

Below is a simple overview of our Tree of Change.

Queering Dreams

Crystal Mason & Jason Wyman / Queerly Complex are also the Co-Founders of Queering Dreams, a community-expanding network of artists, comrades, and neighbors working to disrupt patterns of behavior that seek punishment, shame, and conformity through co-creating virtual spaces of belonging, intimacy, deep relations, and pleasure. We do this by offering four core programs: The Immigrant Artists Network, Queer Art School, A Space For Dreaming and A Time For Study.

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