Howdy! I'm Jason Wyman, the Artist.

I'm standing on top of Marin Headlands with Carl the Fog and the Golden Gate Bridge behind me. I am wearing a white and black floral print blouse under a black and white floral print dress. My hair and beard are toussled in the wind. I am wearing eyeshadow and looking femme.  and

I’ve been queerly complex my whole life. I’m the one that stood out and apart from everyone else, and I was hella teased because of it. I even got my tailbone broken in a game of “Smear the Queer” in the sixth grade and had to sit on a shit-brown, donut-shaped pillow for six months.

On August 28, 2007, I launched a blog called Queerly Complex. I shared deeply intimate portraits, from my “Piss Trigger” to “The Fight with the Knife,” of my queer life. It was radical honesty as artistic expression. It was also a call for me to find my tribe.

I’ve been making and co-creating for 14 years. My artistic practice is more refined: it’s how I cultivate camaraderie, solidarity, liberation, and love. And I’ve had the honor and fortune to collaborate with many dear and queer artist-comrades. Best of all? I’ve really developed an aesthetic style and voice; it’s how I’ve found my tribe.

Now, my husband and I are launching the Queerly Complex shop! It features original visual designs by yours truly on simple black canvases (t-shirts and totes, for now.)

Yes, it may be retail. It’s also a call to the weird, odd, and different. It’s a place to be you.

Check out more of my art at

And follow my latest project with Crystal Mason & a fabulous cohort of amazing Co-Creators called Queering Dreams!