How does Queerly Complex give back?

With over 25 years in the business of nonprofits, Wyman has come to deeply mistrust the ways in which charity is conceived, financed, and administered, so Queerly Complex does not practice charity.

Instead, we co-create mutuality.

For Queerly Complex, this means dedicating a significant portion of our time & resources to cultivating a culture that celebrates, practices, and propagates the creation of horizontal, distributive networks of care, aid, and support for queer, trans, immigrant, Black, Indigenous, disabled, and poor artists. In our 20 plus years of creating these kinds of networks in the fields of youth media, youth development, and education reform, we know that this work is so often un- or under-funded and that the labor of writing and getting grants takes away from the labor needed to sustain and propagate horizontal, distributive networks. 

That’s why Queerly Complex is committed to:

  • continuing to provide in-kind administrative support to Queer Love 2023, the Immigrant Artist Network, and Queer Art School throughout 2023, 
  • co-creating and publishing free, culturally-relevant and -specific tools, models, and tactics that make learning about, co-creating, and propagating distributive, horizontal networks easy, fun, and inspiring,
  • co-producing free events that convene Queerdos and comrades as a means to connect and potentially co-create across borders, territories, practices, traditions, cultures, identities, abilities, and beliefs, and
  • providing up to 20 hours of in-kind Creative Coaching to poor or low-income, youth or elder Queerdo artists.

Hiring Queerly Complex services and shopping at our store allows us to continue co-creating pathways towards liberation through the propagation of horizontal, distributive networks without worry of where financing for these networks comes from.

The world is a much better place when we are free to be our full, gloriously, queer selves.