Focused Conversation: Our Values

Our Values guide our approach to all our Focused Conversations, and we value being Anti-Racist, Anti-Capitalist, Anti-Binary, Anti-Normal, Anti-Fascist, and Anti-Shame.

We believe practicing them includes defining, talking story about, studying, and acting on them. Read our definitions and find an additional resource below. To read story about each, visit Bold Type

When we say Anti-Racist, we mean “working to abolish White Supremacy.” A resource: To learn more about how to divorce yourself from White Supremacy Culture, check out this great resource by Tema Okun:

When we say Anti-Capitalist, we mean “working to abolish exploitation & extraction.” Resource: To learn more about killing capitalism, listen to the excellent podcast Millennials Are Killing Capitalism.

When we say Anti-Binary, we mean “working to abolish gender-based roles & violence & hierarchies.” Resource:  To start questioning one of the most toxic binaries, check out Kate Bornstein’s My Gender Workbook

When we say Anti-Normal, we mean “working to abolish conformity & ableism & mental health stigma.” Resource: To begin your path towards Disability Justice, please check out Disability Visibility Project by Alice Wong and Sins Invalid.   

When we say Anti-Fascist, we mean “working to abolish punishment & domination & control.” Resource: To learn more about the connections between domestic and foreign policy fascism, check out this conversation between Nick Estes from The Red Nation and Arundhati Roy about her book Azadi, Freedom, Fascism, Fiction hosted by Haymarket Books.

When we say Anti-Shame, we mean “working to abolish sin & guilt & penance & othering.” Resource: To liberate yourself from political shame, please check out  The Red Deal by The Red Nation.

The world is a much better place when we are free to be our full, gloriously, queer selves.