Consulting Cancellation Policy

Queerly Complex understands that life happens, things come up, and there can be unexpected emergencies. We also know that people change their mind on what kinds of support they need, want, and desire. We seek to be flexible and understanding while also firm in our value.

To that end, here is our cancellation policy for Consulting Services. 

You will receive a Scope of Work Google document via email that details the parameters of this arrangement. Once the Scope of Work is confirmed via verbally or in writing, you commit to its terms.   

If a meeting needs to be rescheduledat least 24 hours notice is requested. Two attempts will be made to reschedule the meeting. If a date cannot be found that is amenable to both parties, an email from Queerly Complex will be sent outlining the plan forward, which could include termination of the contract with payment already received considered payment for services rendered (and no refunds issued). If an outstanding balance remains as outlined on the Scope of Work, another bill will be sent to you. Payment is expected with 15 days of submitting the bill / invoice.   

The world is a much better place when we are free to be our full, gloriously, queer selves.