About Queerly Complex

Hey Fellow Weirdos & Queerdos & Comrades!

Welcome to Queerly Complex.

Here you’ll find a home where you can simply be you & express all of your feels from those shitty ones that make you feel small or alone or misunderstood to the ones that make you feel overjoyed or proud or loved. 

Our values guide & ground us here at Queerly Complex.

One value we hold dear: Art can never be purchased, but my merch can. ;)

By purchasing merch you are helping financially support yours truly, Jason Wyman, a queer anti-binary artist & my family of weirdos & queerdos & comrades. 

So please go peruse! There’s lots to explore. From Positive Negatives to Political Clowns to Neon Monsters. There’s onesies & zines & coffee mugs too!

We’ve even got some pay-what-you-can digital content.

And please don’t forget to click purchase & share.

Now go! Be different. Love fearlessly. Feel all of your feels. 

Six Pride Fingers in a single row making a pride flag (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple).