An assortment of Quick Draws with the text "Vote for your top three"

When I went to Baker Beach with Ash & John recently, I took with me old postcards from my Be Jason exhibition at Black & White Projects in 2018 and a couple of black sharpies. I drew weird characters with random sayings without thinking to deeply. It was an exercise of free form release.

After I finished, I took a look at what I created and fell in love with some of the compositions. They just make me laugh, and I need laughter. There's just so much fuckin' shit in this world.To get back in the spirit of joy, I took a photo, opened my iPad, and got to redrawing them in Procreate. I just kept laughing as I was drawing. It was so damn pleasurable. Even amidst everything we can find & celebrate some joy.

Now, I want to put some of them t-shirts, but I'm not quite sure which ones. So I thought I'd come to you, my neighbors & comrades, and see which ones make you laugh the most. Only three will make it onto a tee. Which ones will they be?

Help me decide today by taking this very short PICTURE survey!

And here's a video about the process of digitally drawing them.

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