QC Color Test! What do you think?
Queerly Complex Design

QC Color Test! What do you think?

Color test! We need your input. 

The pink / magenta was the first QC Color. It communicates our queer complexity as it isn't quite pink pink and it isn't quite violet purple. It straddles a multiplicity.

Then, we added the yellow / chartreuse because we wanted a high contrast color to draw the eye to certain details. Again it straddles two colors. It isn't quite yellow yellow and it isn't quite yellow-green.

We are now undertaking a website redesign to better reflect the art, creative coaching, and collaborations happening. Doing so opens the opportunity to reexamine what was to see if it's still what is.

One area we are revisiting is color. We love the magenta and chartreuse. We also have a desire to introduce a few more colors. It is a way for us to expand our view, which we're always trying to do.

So let us introduce you to our newest color comrades: Sky Blue & Tangerine. 

What we love about the addition of these colors is the myriad ways they combine. They are reminiscent of main colors in risograph printing or on your CMYK printer. And both white and black look good on them. Plus! As you can see by the color test above, they are kinda circus-big-top-psychedelic when put together and repeated.  

❓❓ What do you think about the addition of these two new colors? What memories or dreams or nightmares or ghosts do these colors surface? What emotions do they stir?❓❓

We'd love to know because color is so dang important in our lives, and we all read them differently.

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Sep 10, 2023
Momos Cheeskos

Enjoying the color expansion!

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