Some of Queerly Complex's Anti-Racist Commitments

Some of Queerly Complex's Anti-Racist Commitments

Practicing anti-racism is a lifelong process. It requires a willingness to listen, admit mistakes, and correct behaviors. It also requires a commitment to action.

The following are some commitments Queerly Complex makes to act in ways that are anti-racist. I hope that by articulating our practice, I can inspire others to be bold, take action, and practice anti-racism.

Queerly Complex commits that whenever we work with clients, and the scope requires additional consultants to complete the work to bring on Black, Indigenous, Immigrant, or other POC consultants, and that the hourly rate of compensation is equal for all.

Queerly Complex commits to promulgate peer-based, distributive networks through providing in-kind administrative support to Queer Love 2023, Immigrant Artist Network, Queer Art School (more coming soon) and by providing low-cost consulting on distributive network creation to Black, Indigenous, Immigrant, and POC-led efforts.

Queerly Complex commits to the ongoing study of Black, Indigenous, Immigrant, and POC socialists, Marxists, leftists, and other radicals to help guide and ground our politics.

Queerly Complex commits to sitting on the board of [], a women-of-color-run organization dedicated to furthering equity in land use through the Race and Equity in All Planning Coalition and an emergent framework to advance racial equity policies and positions around land use.

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