Jason wearing all black with their hoodie pulled over their head and a beanie on and a pink mask covering their face. They are carrying the QC Tri Color Tote and are set against a cityscape.
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What is Anti-Binary?

I designed my Queerly Complex Anti-Binary merch because that's how I identify. Over two decades ago I was introduced to Kate Bornstein's My Gender Workbook. It invited me to rid myself of all preconceived notions of my gender and my identity. I took that invitation to heart, and started identifying as Queer both in terms of sexuality and gender.

Over two decades later and my understanding on gender and its function as a weapon of state & societal oppression is much much clearer to me. Gender is as much a legal construct as it is a social one. And both the legal and social constructs cause significant harm, especially to anyone who refuses to conform or simply cannot conform. We see this happening across the United States and the UK right now with a significant increase in policies targeting my trans siblings. Trans and non-conforming folx are under direct attack, and I cannot stand idly by and not declare where I stand and with whom I stand.

For me, Anti-Binary is more than just a gender politic. It is a politic of resistance against all binaries, of which gender is one such binary construct. And I am again reminded of Kate Bornstein & My Gender Workbook and this specific passage:

"Maybe it's important that our revolution not rely on binary, linear methods, lest by relying upon them in one area of our lives, we fall back into relying upon binaries in all or many things that we do. Again, please remember the principle, the way you do anything is the way you do everything."

So I designed this tee so I and others can proudly declare our politics & state exactly what we believe & who we stand alongside. For now is a time when we need our comrades more than ever. And we must be clear who our comrades really are.

Fun fact: The back of my black vest reads, "F@**ot, Thank You" in puffy paint because I've been called F@**ot more times in San Francisco than can fit on all my digits. And I got tired of hearing at as insult. So I turned it around and wear it proudly. Because I am proud to be a f@**ot & I'm honored by and have deep gratitude for all the f@**ots that came before me.

Fun fact 2: I am carrying the QC Tri-Color Tote. Buy one today & support your favorite anti-binary queer.

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